Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Announcing the Release of His Contrary Bride

His Contrary Bride is the second book in the A Gentleman's Guide to Once Upon a Time series

Sabrina Chester has been a servant at Lady Davies Academy for Young Ladies for the past four years.  Until her father’s death, which left her destitute, she had been one of the affluent students.  Sabrina is rescued from her plight by Marius Parker, who finds himself stranded in the last place he wishes to ever be.   Upon learning her identity, Marius is convinced treachery is afoot.  He is acquainted with the uncle and cousin of Lady Sabrina and both are wealthy, affluent gentlemen of society.  Marius couldn’t begin to understand why they had left Sabrina in this state of servitude.  When he discovers that her father hadn’t been a victim of war, but a victim of murder, Marius determines the only way he can keep Sabrina safe is to marry her.  Unfortunately, Sabrina doesn’t necessarily agree that this is the best option.

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