Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sacked (To Love a Governess Erotic Regency Short)

Sacked is the first in a series of Erotic Regency Shorts entitled To Love a Governess.

Elizabeth Claywell ran away from her uncle when he arranged a marriage with his sixty-year-old friend. She soon finds herself in the position of governess for Lord Jared Fairfield, who inherited five little girls along with the title.  Of all gentlemen she met in London, Lord Fairfield is the only one she has ever desired.

Jared has wanted Elizabeth since he first saw her in London two years ago, but only managed to secure two dances. When he stumbled across her on the street he offered the position of governess to get her into his home.  Now he intends to get her into his bed.

Announcing the Release of His Contrary Bride

His Contrary Bride is the second book in the A Gentleman's Guide to Once Upon a Time series

Sabrina Chester has been a servant at Lady Davies Academy for Young Ladies for the past four years.  Until her father’s death, which left her destitute, she had been one of the affluent students.  Sabrina is rescued from her plight by Marius Parker, who finds himself stranded in the last place he wishes to ever be.   Upon learning her identity, Marius is convinced treachery is afoot.  He is acquainted with the uncle and cousin of Lady Sabrina and both are wealthy, affluent gentlemen of society.  Marius couldn’t begin to understand why they had left Sabrina in this state of servitude.  When he discovers that her father hadn’t been a victim of war, but a victim of murder, Marius determines the only way he can keep Sabrina safe is to marry her.  Unfortunately, Sabrina doesn’t necessarily agree that this is the best option.

Announcing the Release of His Impetuous Debutante

His Impetuous Debutant is the first in the A Gentleman's Guide to Once Upon a Time series.

Lady Phoebe Johansen embarks upon her first season with two goals in mind – to remain unwed and scandal free in London.  It isn’t that she is against marriage and if her situation were different, she would welcome the opportunity for love and children. It is just not practical.  Unfortunately, her older brother is smothering any chances she has of actually enjoying the season out of fear her impetuous nature will land her in predicaments more ruinous than the physical mishaps she had suffered at home. 

Taylor Qualls, the Earl of Sandlin, is forced once again to face his own obligations this season.   He has a year and a half to find a suitable bride and produce the heir as dictated in his grandfather’s will.  Nobody needs to tell him that Lady Phoebe is the last woman on earth he should marry.  After all, given his own track record with wives and Lady Phoebe’s penchant for mishaps, she wouldn’t survive a month as his bride.

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