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Lady Revealed - a Tenacious Trent Novel

Jerrica Knight-Catania has tagged me in a blog hop so here is some information about my upcoming release, Lady Revealed...

1: What is the working title of your book? Lady Revealed

2: Where did the idea come from for the book? It is the fifth story in the Tenacious Trent’s series which began two years ago and it is now time to tell Julia’s story.

3: What genre does your book come under? Historical set during the Regency Period.

4: Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition? Hmmm, this is always difficult. I think Amy Adams as Juliette Mirabelle a/k/a Julia Trent, but I can’t settle on any one actor for Drake Fenton, Viscount Acker.

5: What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
Viscount Acker wanted Juliette the moment he saw the ballerina perform, but she isn't who he thinks she she.

6: Is your book self-published, published by an independent publisher, or represented by an agency? Pubbed under the Night Shift umbrella.

7: How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? 2 months but the editing process has taken over twice that. Keeping my fingers crossed that I meet the end of July deadline.

8: What other books would you compare this story to within your genre? I have no idea.  There are many historical authors that I would love to compare myself to, but I know I am not even close, so I will leave it at that.

9: Who or what inspired you to write this book? Oh, I am not sure, to tell you the truth.  The idea for the series was formed when I wrote the first novella, Compromised for Christmas, which was part of four book, twelve story anthology written with my critique partners. From that the Tenacious Trents were born.

10: What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest? It is different from what I’ve read before. The story begins at the ballet in Milan, Italy where the hero and heroine meet and it continues in England with my heroine still wishing to dance but finding out she is not really Juliette Mirabelle.

Here's an excerpt:

                Acker took a step closer to Juliette. “I will if you dance for me.”
She stared up into his eyes. “I have a performance tonight.  I cannot tire myself.”
“A waltz instead.” He wanted to hold her and remain close to her, if not closer, and the waltz was the only thing he could think of to bring her into his arms, without simply pulling her there.
Juliette bit her bottom lip and her eyebrows furrowed. “I’ve never waltzed before.”
How could she come to be the age she was, be a dancer and not yet waltzed? Of course, even though it was popular in Vienna, it was still frowned upon by many in London who considered it an immoral entertainment.  “I’ll teach you.”
Acker lifted her left hand and placed it on his shoulder before grasping her right and slide his hand about her waist. Neither wore gloves and his warmth enveloped her cool touch. 
“Have you at least seen a couple waltz?” he asked before they began.
Juliette nodded.
He blew out a sigh. Though he knew well enough how the steps moved, he wasn’t at all certain he could teach. “It is a three step dance,” he began and stepped out.  “Follow my movements.”  She stepped out as he had, and brought her next foot over when he put his feet together.  He then stepped forward yet Juliette did not move immediately and was pressed against his body.  She quickly matched his movement, her face turning a lovely shade of pink.
They repeated the steps a few more times and Juliette adjusted quickly, much to Acker’s disappointment. He rather enjoyed having her pressed against him.  So much sensation from touch was usually lost through the layers of clothing a gentleman was required to wear, but her dress was not thick and as he wore only his shirtsleeves. 
Soon he began executing turns and Juliette adapted to each movement.  She was a dancer after all so he shouldn’t be surprised.  He twirled her from one end of the room to the other in complete silence. They did not need music nor did they need to speak.  Their eyes were locked and the sway of her body was a perfect match for his. He drew her closer and closer until they were practically one, in perfect harmony with each other. 
As the moved down the room, Acker guided her toward the settee.  He slowed as they came to the sitting area, dropped her hand and pulled her against his body.  She brought her other hand up to rest on his shoulder and didn’t try to pull away. 
Acker gently tightened his hold and lowered his mouth to hers.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Compromised for Christmas

Compromise for Christmas, a novella, will be released on Tuesday. I know, it is strange to release a Christmas story in June, be there are very good reasons (I think).  Compromised at Christmas first appeared in A Summons from His Grace. It later appeared in a compilation, Scots, Spies & Salacious Lies. The reason it is now going solo is because it was the first Tenacious Trent story written.  These brothers and sisters were only characters in my mind and have became a family I love writing about.

Lady Elizabeth craved excitement and adventure. Unwilling to endure further boring Seasons, she convinces her uncle, who has lived a more adventurous life than anyone else she knew, to let her work for him. A few years later Elizabeth was established in Tuileries Castle, a servant in Napoleon’s court known as Lisette Renard.

John Phillip Trent has been working in the stables of Tuileries as Jean Pierre Bouvier for the past two years. His only English contact being Lisette Renard, a lovely blond lass, who he desired but kept at a professional arm’s length.

When Lisette receives a summons to return home for Christmas, John learns that she is none other than the granddaughter of the Duke of Danby and she had named Jean Pierre as her husband. Their cover is compromised with the same letter and the two find themselves escaping the palace and France, knowing they could very well never see each other again and must face the truth of how they truly feel for the other.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Reluctant Rake

A Reluctant Rake is the newest Tenacious Trent novel, released on April 1, 2013.

Mr. Jordan Trent, the spare, was raised to be a rake.  Not only did his father encourage his roguish life, but insisted that Jordan do nothing except enjoy the life of women, gambling and fine brandy – the life his father had wanted.  It is a life Jordan enjoyed until he realized something, or someone, very important was missing.

Miss Audrey Montgomery had been warned to avoid rakes like Jordan Trent but fell under his spell like so many ladies before her.  She should have known better and vows to protect her heart whenever he is near. If only his kisses weren’t so delicious it would be so much easier. 

A Reluctant Rake is the fifth Tenacious Trent Story.  If you wish to catch up on the family, the stories appear in the following order:

Compromised at Christmas is a short novella featuring John Trent and can be found in either A Summons from His Grace or 

Scots, Spies and Salacious Lies

Miss Elizabeth Whitton craved excitement and adventure. Unwilling to endure one boring Season after another, she convinces her uncle in the Home Office to let her work for him. * John Phillip Trent has been spying for the Home Office in the stables of Tuileries as Jean Pierre Bouvier for more than two years, his only English contact – Lisette Renard a servant girl inside the palace. * When a summons from the Duke of Danby slips through the proper channels, both Elizabeth and John’s covers are compromised. To escape the palace and France with their lives, they’ll have to depend on each other and the miracle of Christmas. (Compromised at Christmas was original published in A Summons from His Grace) This is the first story in the Tenacious Trents Series.

A Misguided Lord

            It is time for Clayton Trent, Earl of Bentley, to take a bride.  He knows exactly what he needs and the type of lady who should become his Countess.  His life is orderly, scandal free and exactly the way it should be until Miss Eleanor Westin careens into him, upsetting the perfect balance of his world.  She is everything his father said he should not marry.  Yet, he cannot put her from his mind, not even when a decade old scandal threatens the very foundation of his family.
            Miss Eleanor Westin has spent her life in the country on the brink of poverty and raising her siblings after the death of her parents until her grandfather finally decides to do his duty and brings her to London.  Eleanor simply wants to find a gentleman who is willing to take on her family in the bargain.  Love is not even a consideration if she can land security.  Unfortunately, the only gentleman who has made any offer is Lord Bentley, and he will never do.  If only he would stay out of her dreams so she could forget him and his intoxicating kisses.

A Perfect Gentleman

Matthew Trent always knew what was expected of him and that was to become the Perfect Vicar and a Perfect Gentlemen. When Grace Cooper enters his life he is forced to face what he really wishes to become.
Grace Cooper has three options for marriage available to her in the small village where she resides. However, Grace would rather be placed on the shelf than enter into a miserable union.
When someone threatens her father and then makes an attempt on her life, it is Vicar Trent who vows to protect her and brings scandal to her doorstep, upsetting the delicate balance of both of their worlds.

A Lass for Christmas (Novella)

Lady Madeline Trent had grand plans for her future until she learned her family’s awful secret. When a fall through an icy lake lands her in the arms of a handsome Scot, her future is more unsure than ever.

Lachlan Grant, the Marquess of Brachton, may hold an English title, but he's a Scot through and through. He's bound and determined to marry a lass just as Scottish as he is, at least until his fate is altered one snowy night.

A Lass for Christmas is a novella of approximately 27,000 words and the fourth story in the Tenacious Trents series. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

And the Winner Is. . . .

The winner of:

Scots, Spies & Salacious Lies, A Misguided Lord, A Perfect Gentleman and A Lass for Christmas is


I want to thank everyone for commenting on the blog and can't wait to participate in another one again.  I already have a list of books I need to look into based on the comments.

The winner was drawn at random.  Author wrote the name of each person who commented and/or followed the blog on strips of paper, all equal in size.  If a person commented and followed their name was written on two separate slips of paper.  The names were then folded once and tossed into a cup.  The cup was then shaken in various directions, while a hand was held over the top to keep slips of paper from escaping and then held over the head of a co-worker to reach in and draw out the winning name.  It was all very scientific ;).

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Heartthrobs and Heartbreakers

When I saw a chance to join a blog hop about heartbreakers I just couldn't resist. I mean, if you read romances you already have a favorite (or two, or three) heartthrobs or heartbreakers.  And even if we don't wish to, we fall a little bit in love with the man on the big screen or the one within the pages of a good book.  

My favorite heartthrob on the screen would be Cary Grant *sigh*.  I discovered him only after his death. AMC was running a marathon of his movies shortly after he died and I sat down to watch in the morning. I don't think I left the couch again that Sunday.  I was in love.  There isn't a Cary Grant movie I haven't loved but some I can watch over and over.  An Affair to Remember is certainly at the top of my list.  The scene of him waiting at the top of the Empire State Building, the scene where they are at the theatre, and the scene where he discovers what happened.  But, I also love Father Goose just a much.  Poor Cary, all those little girls, a prim and proper teacher and his alcohol hid in different locations.  How can you not root for this guy?  Then there is Charade or North by Northwest or I Was a Mail War Bride, or Operation Petticoat or His Girl Friday or My Favorite Wife.  Talk about a heartthrob!

Okay, I will stop now. Enough about Cary Grant.

There are a few other movie stars that make my little heart beat just a little faster but we are not here to discuss big screen heroes, but romance novel heroes.

I wanted to do this blog hop but after I signed up I didn't know which hero I wanted to portray.  I wasn't even sure I had written a heartbreaker. None of my heroes are perfect (and who wants a perfect man anyway) but had I written a heartbreaker?  

To me a heartbreaker is a handsome devil that could charm even the coldest of ladies.  He warms them with his wicked eyes, seductive tone of his voice and sensual smile.  He makes her feel like she is the most special lady on earth and then, just when he could have her, he breaks her heart.  Is he afraid of commitment or is it all a game?  If he is afraid of commitment, I love him all the more. There is just something so endearing about a hero who has been hurt and hides his pain beneath a charming exterior. If it is a game, there is a very good chance he will never redeem himself to me. 

Or, he is the perfect gentleman, handsome and looks better in knee breeches than anyone else.  He treats a lady as she deserves, charming and seductive, and women cannot help fall in love.  Yet, he is oblivious to the affect he has on women and the lady is simply crushed when he doesn't realize or acknowledge the affection she has for him.

I think most, if not all, romance heroes are heartbreakers.  Whether it is intentional or not, they are until they meet the right lady that changes everything.  And that is the beauty of a romance.

My good friend, Deb, pointed out that I had written a heartbreaker, Or at least she had seen him as one.  It is Dillon Chambers who broke Miss Emily Frasier's heart when he realized he would have to give up too much to have her.  He was the perfect gentleman for her and and Emily thought she had found her happily ever after.  Then she realized there was something far more important to Dillon and it wasn't love and he wasn't willing to give it up.  I would tell you what it was but that would ruin the story. But trust me, it is something very special.

Emily Frasier has lived as the ward of Duke Ellings since her father died when she was fifteen. She also knows that soon it will be time to leave his household and make her way on her own.  When she discovers a cottage while visiting her aunt and uncle she knows this is where she wants to live and become a teacher as her father once was.

Dillon Chambers must find a wife this Season in order to please his mother.  If she didn’t have control over something more precious than his freedom and life, he would not have made the promise to marry a lady with high connections at the end of the Season.  When he comes across Emily at his cottage and learns she is the ward of a duke, he feels his luck has finally changed. He could please his mother and settle with a lady he would actually want to have as his wife.

When the truth comes out that Emily is only a professor’s daughter, Dillon knows his parents will never approve. Will he risk everything to have her?  Will Emily do the sensible thing or risk her reputation and heart so that Dillon doesn’t destroy all he holds dear?

His Not So Sensible Miss is the third in A Gentleman's Guide to Once Upon a Time series.  Currently, the first three e-books, His Impetuous Debutante, His Contrary Bride, and Sensible are each on sale at Amazon and BN for only .99.

Another heartbreaker would be my current hero. Unfortunately his book will not be published until March, but I can't just ignore him.  Jordan Trent is a heartthorb and heartbreaker.  He has a certain reputation and if gossip is to believed, has had a number of lovers when not frequenting his favorite brothel.

Last Season Jordan was determined to become respectable and began courting Miss Audrey Montgomery.  It was a promising match and he may have even begun to fall in love.  But, when he returned to London after being gone little over a week, she is no longer speaking to him.  A year later Jordan finally learns what had made Audrey turn against him last Season and he is determined to make her his before the end of this one.

Mr. Jordan Trent, the spare, was raised to be a rake.  Not only did his father encourage his roguish ways, but insisted that Jordan do nothing except enjoy the life of women, gambling and fine brandy – the life his father had wanted.  It is a life Jordan enjoyed until he realized something, or someone, very important was missing.

Miss Audrey Montgomery had been warned to avoid rakes like Jordan Trent but fell under his spell like so many ladies before her.  She should have known better and vows to protect her heart whenever he is near. If only his kisses weren’t so delicious it would be so much easier.

A Reluctant Rake is the fifth story in my Tenacious Trents series.  One winner will be chosen from the comments on this blog to win the four previous Tenacious Trents e-books shown below: (Note: The first Trent story is a novella and included in the Scots, Spies and Salacious Lies novella compilation)

To be entered in the drawing to win these e-books, you must answer these questions:

1)  Who is your favorite big screen heartthrob or heartbreaker and why? Was it a certain role he played or is there just something about him that makes him a heartthrob?

2)  Who is your favorite heartthrob or heartbreaker in a novel?  Why is he your favorite?

If you become a follower of this blog as well as answer the questions, you will be entered to win the Tenacious Trents e-books twice.

Please leave your name and e-mail address with your answers.  The Winner will be announced on February 12th and contacted via e-mail.

Don't forget to visit all of the blogs that are part of Heartbreaker Blog Hop and have a chance to win more great prizes:

There are THREE grand prizes. You as a reader can go to EACH blog and comment with your email address and be entered to win. Yep, you can enter over 200 times!

Now what are those prizes?

1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet
2nd Grand Prize: A $100 Amazon or B&N Gift Card
3rd Grand Prize: A Swag Pack that contains paperbacks, ebooks, 50+ bookmarks, cover flats, magnets, pens, coffee cozies, and more!

All prizes are international except the Swag Pack

To return to the blog hop, simply click http://carrieannbloghops.blogspot.com/

Happy Reading!


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Red Door Reads

Today a new group is born

Come learned about the fantastic ladies at Red Door Reads.  I am truly honored to be a part of this group.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Love a Good Series

A few years ago Jerrica Knight-Catania sent me a book that I must read.  I was on the fence because at the time the only romances I read were historical and this one started off contemporary.  But, I read it anyway because she insisted.  The book was The Secret History of the Pink Carnation.  It didn't take long before I could not put this book down and went searching for others in the series.  I had never read anything like this with the story jumping from present to the Napoleonic Era and back again.  Usually those jumps occurred a crucial part in the story that is both irritating (because I didn't want to wait until she went back to the past) and exciting (because the author had left me hanging in the present portion of the story).  Plus, they have spies and France - two of my favorite things. Not all of the stories have a French setting, but the first one did and I was hooked.

This is one series that I find myself anxiously awaiting the next release and last night I downloaded The Garden Intrigue, which is book 9 in the series.  I cannot wait to start listening to it on the way to work this morning and it will probably be the first book completed for the 2013 Audio Book Challenge.

Have you discovered a series that you absolutely love and anxiously await the next book?

Saturday, January 12, 2013


I've been working on getting a website up - an official website (not a blog) for over a year. Every time I started the process I would hit a snag and put it off - for months.  But, enough was enough.  I did all that I could on my own and I was pretty happy with it, but there were still issues and I wasn't completely happy with how it looked.  Thank goodness for Ava Stone! She worked her magic and helped put everything into place.

Even though I loved how it looked, there were still issues with links not working, etc.  So, my second hero would be Roger.  He doesn't have a webpage or much of an online presence.  You see, Roger is my son's best friend and was able to fix the issues in a blink of an eye.  Yep, another example of a kid coming to the rescue of a computer, hyperlink challenged adult.

But, it is finally done and launched and I am very happy with the result.  Hope you can stop by My Website when you get a chance.